Weight Loss Box (Frozen)

3 Meals per day and 1 snack per day for 7 days.

You Save over 15% on this special weight loss box with meals averaging $8

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Your Box Includes:

Breakfast: Small (200-250 calories)

Rose’s breakfast muffin, Breakfast wrap, Blueberry pancakes, Mushroom omelette, Scrambled eggs and bacon, Tuna melt, and Southwest wrap.

Lunch/Dinner: Small (300-350 calories)

Meatloaf, Flat iorn steak, Spaghetti and meatballs, Beef chili, Shepherd’s pie, Grilled chicken and brown rice, Butter chicken, Chicken schnitzle, Moroccan chicken, Chicken teriyaki, Grilled white fish, Salmon teriyaki, Pork tenderloin and Butternut squash ravioli.

Snacks: (100-200 calories)

Dried fruit bar, Chocolate Bark, Dessert square, Cookie, Edamame, Trail mix, and a Rice krispy square